Ellijot for miamiri

Ellijot consists of Elli and Johannes.
They work in a small studio that is based in the historic center of Nuremberg. Besides designing books, they offer illustrations, letterings and corporate designs.

- When did you start working as an illustrator?
In 2005 Johannes and I both gained first design experience in advertising agencies.
During our media design studies in Ravensburg in 2007 we met each other and one year later we started to work for our first clients together.

- What characterises your work?
We have both learned the graphic design craft and conceptual work in a quite traditional way. This is why each of our designs is based on a concept. These concepts mean a lot to us because they are the foundation of all creative decisions we make.
For the visual implementation we develop strictly functional systems in order to make our work simple, clear and plain.
In a nutshell I would describe our graphic style as imaginative, figurative and lighthearted.
We especially love to try new things and to work on the littlest details that breathe new life into our designs and make them vivid and emotional.

- What inspires you?
Most of our inspiration for new projects comes from the clients themselves. Working as a designer is all about the people you are working for. When a new client guides us proudly through their shop or their work or literally opens a door to their world so we can get a chance to step in and learn something new.

- Why did you choose working in Nuremberg? What are the benefits of working in Nuremberg?
I’m originally from Dresden and wanted to start working right after finishing my studies. As Johannes is from Nuremberg and I was offered a bigger project as a freelancer here, I decided to move.

You can find a lot of highly motivated people with their own ideas and a huge demand for quality in Nuremberg. Everyone is open for collaborations and they tend to help each other by doing shared projects. The atmosphere is very friendly and everybody knows someone who is good at something. All in all it is a great network with very creative and wonderful people.
Furthermore there are many small shops that I love. Sometimes they are well hidden and you stumble upon them by accident when you’re wandering through the neighborhoods or you hear about them by word-of-mouth recommendation. There is always something new to discover.

- Why did you want to work with miamiri?
A few weeks ago I came to the miamiri studio with a friend of mine and was absolutely impressed by the designs. Actually the studio is not a shop but Isabelle still made time for us and was very interested in our work. I immediately knew we would definitely have to work with miamiri. Their philosophy and clothing style matches our work exactly. miamiri puts a strong focus on a well crafted and fair production and their style is very contemporary, simple, classic and chic; and so is our work.

- Could you tell us more about the illustration/ work you have done for miamiri?
miamiri’s autumn/winter collection is dominated by naturalistic elements like flowers and stars. Isabelle has reinterpreted these forms and thus given me the initial point for my work. For the illustration I did some research about letterings in the 1920s and I got a lot of inspiration from the diamond shapes of the collection and the form in which the fabric naturally drops.

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